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Understanding Our Feline Friends: 5 Ways Cats Show Love

Conventional wisdom says that cats are standoffish. That they're just here for the food and the convenient litter cleanup. That they can take or leave their human owners. Conventional wisdom has never owned a cat, because true cat lovers know better. It's true that cats are more subtle in the way they show affection than their canine cousins—they probably won't wag their tails and wriggle with joy when you come home—but they have their own methods of showing you they care. 

1. They Bunt

Does your cat push her head against your hand? That move is called bunting, and it's one way for your precious pet to tell you she loves you (and she wants your attention). Bunting is a social behavior between cats that can show trust and affection. Your cat also has scent glands on the top of her head that mark you with her scent. She's telling other animals to stay back, because you're her human and she wants you all to herself.

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Brooklyn Cat Sitter, Tips for Training your Cat with Catnip

Whether you enjoy watching your normally dignified cat roll around on the floor or run through the house like a maniac -- or you want to modify your pet's behavior, catnip can help. Catnip contains a potent component -- nepetalactone, an oil that many cats just can't resist, leading to wild (and funny) antics.  


About 70% of all cats are affected by the scent of catnip, either dried or fresh; even if it looks like your cat is eating the herb, he is most likely trying to smash as much of

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