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Brooklyn Dog Walker Tips:  Ten Tips for a Successful Vet Visit

Spring is the time for renewal and a launch into a wonderful summer.  Many pet owners make their pet's annual check-up part of their "spring cleaning". 

Here are thoughts to make the visit as stress-free and productive as possible, both for dogs and cats.

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Brooklyn Cat Sitter, Tips for Training your Cat with Catnip

Whether you enjoy watching your normally dignified cat roll around on the floor or run through the house like a maniac -- or you want to modify your pet's behavior, catnip can help. Catnip contains a potent component -- nepetalactone, an oil that many cats just can't resist, leading to wild (and funny) antics.  


About 70% of all cats are affected by the scent of catnip, either dried or fresh; even if it looks like your cat is eating the herb, he is most likely trying to smash as much of

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Cat Sitting by Brooklyn Bark - How we do it

Some people are surprised to hear that Brooklyn Bark DOG WALKERS also cat sit.

Let's get this straight, we love all critters. 
We care for cats, rabbits, pet rats, iguanas..... you get the picture.


A cat sit for a healthy (non-medicated) cat is a joy and we have a protocol to follow.  We follow the same protocol for those birds, rabbits and hamsters.

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Brooklyn Bark's Herding Pussycats Awards

On the front page of today's New York Times, there is a piece about Cat Agility Training and Competition.  It is called "The Next Best Thing to Herding Cats."  Well, trying to train your cat for competition (for almost anything) might be the close to herding cats.  At Brooklyn Bark, we actually do herd cats.  The International Cat Association and the Cat Fancier's Association give awards for the next best thing to herding, we decided to give awards to cats we have actually herded.

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How To Bathe A Cat (from your Brooklyn Dog Walkers and Cat Sitters)

Brooklyn Bark is dedicated to both dogs and cats.  Often we step back and realize that the majority of our blogging is aimed at dogs.  Let us not forget our beloved felines.  Here we reprint one of the most useful pieces of cat care information we have encountered.

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