Brooklyn Bark Talks

Mariya Mego Vela: Extraordinary Dog Walker in East Williamsburg

Meet our extraordinary dog walker in East Williamsburg, Mariya Mego Vela!  Mariya loves animals so much, she would like to turn into a panther; either that or live somewhere between the ocean and the mountains with her partner and at least three dogs.


Besides animals, her other passions lie with movies, social issues, camping, hiking, travel, and rocks. Yes, that's right - rocks!

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Cat Sitting by Brooklyn Bark - How we do it

Some people are surprised to hear that Brooklyn Bark DOG WALKERS also cat sit.

Let's get this straight, we love all critters. 
We care for cats, rabbits, pet rats, iguanas..... you get the picture.


A cat sit for a healthy (non-medicated) cat is a joy and we have a protocol to follow.  We follow the same protocol for those birds, rabbits and hamsters.

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