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PET SAFETY MONTH: 30 tips in 30 days that can save your pet's life - Tip #16

Call it an Elizabethan Collar, an E-Collar or a Cone of Shame it defines "adding insult to injury". First poor pup or kitty goes under the knife to lose their private parts or becomes play-toy of a bully at the dog park or eats something that has no way out other than via the knife.

That's the easy part. Then the well meaning, highly trained, brilliant, compassionate veterinarian puts Fido or Boots in The Collar and your pup or your kitty can't lie down, can't bend to eat, can't navigate corners, can't play.... oh, life is not worth living.  

Instead of the Cone of Shame aka Elizabethan Collar post surgery, discuss using a cloud collar with your vet. They aren't pleasant but they do accomplish pretty much what the cone does - keeps teeth and tongue from the surgical areas.  

First marketing by Kong but private labeled by Pet Smart and others, Cloud Collars are reminiscent of a traveler's neck pillow. They are much less cumbersome

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Avoiding the Cone of Shame - making pet's recovery easier for all

Product review by Brooklyn Bark:

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