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A Towel and Some Gel Make Pup a Happy Snow Dog

Looks like the last snowstorm of winter is raging out there in Brooklyn.  Some dogs love the snow; others are checking to book a flight south.

Love it or leave it, our dogs and we have to deal with it.  Here are some tips from Brooklyn Bark dog walkers for safety through the snow.

(note: for fun in the snow with you pup check out Being a Dog in Winter in Brooklyn)


New York City - and most municipalities - use the least expensive snow melter they can buy (remember "lowest bid" and "fewer taxes for the rich"?).  This is generally calcium chloride.  Calcium chloride is caustic - caustic to pavement, caustic to cars and caustic to doggie paws as it does what it is supposed to, suck moisture out of anything in its vicinity.  For doggie paws, this can be seriously painful.
We humans wear protective foot gear. Few dogs tolerate booties, but you can try.
Part two of BEWARE OF SALT is applicable to all dogs who play in the snow but especially the little ones whose tummy's are easy magnets for that calcium chloride.  As soon as you come home, be sure to towel off your furry one so that a bad tummy won't accompany his next round of self-grooming


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