Brooklyn Bark Talks

Your Pup is Westminster Gorgeous. Now you can get the photos.

Every dog is gorgeous. We believe this and so does our friend James Morrissey who is the Westminster Dog Show portrait photographer. “Truthfully,” says James “all dogs are love and beauty wrapped in warm fur.   If people want to make a fuss about some dogs that’s fine.  I love them all!”

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Brookyn Dog Walkers Learn to Shoot Dogs..... with a camera

If you are at all like me, you have already upgraded the storage on your iPhone twice because you have taken so many pictures of your kitty and pup and you can't bring yourself to blow away even an out-of-focus, not-enough-light blur if you can make out a sweet, furry face in it.  It is a disease of all pet owners and a plague for pet professionals.

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Amazing Photography of Amazing Dogs

Whenever we at Brooklyn Bark have the opportunity to work with James Morrissey ( we are amazed.

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