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Labor Day Weekend and Your Pup

Labor Day weekend is here, summer's last hurrah with picnics, block parties, bargecues and final swims of the year.  Such fun for us and such fun for any pup who is invited.

But it is still summer, so here's a last heads up on summer safety.

If there is an Indian summer in the next few weeks, do not forget our 11 tips to beat the heat from protecting those paws to misting the air to sunscreening

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Warning from FDNY:  Manhole Fires


Manhole fires          


We already have had three in Brooklyn since last weekend's blizzard.  They are a chronic problem in NYC, flaring up after a snowstorm or a rain.


What causes them and what are the warning signs?


You know all that salt that NYC and landlords throw down to make roads and sidewalks *safe*?  Well it mixes with the melting snow that frequently drains into manholes causing corrosion to the electrical components in the hole.


The elecrical wires get shorted out and a fire errupts. 


Not only is the manhole fire dangerous in itself, but the burning wires produce toxic fumes.  One of the most dangerous side effects is fro

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An Emergency Warning for Cobble Hill - and head's up elsewhere

Please let me share an email we received this morning.  It may be passed by now - or not - but this is a good reminder to review exterminator poisons in New York.


Here's the email we received:

We have information that there is rat poison - in the open - on the sidewalks on Butler St between Smith and Hoyt.  Reportedly, two dogs have died after which EPA was alerted and cleaned it up.

We share this warning to be extra careful and avoid that area.  We have heard of this type of thing before so we know to always be careful.  Sometimes landlords or their superintendants 

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Chocolate & Xylitol May be Sweet, but NOT in Your Pup.   Know what to do "in case"

Last week we blogged about Thanksgiving foods - people foods in general - that are safe and fun to share with your pup.  The flip side is there are a lot of things we eat (or are part of holiday decor) that are toxic to pup or a kitty.  Truthfully, most kitties are too smart eat something poisonous.  Alas, many pups are too curious not to.

We checked in with Dr. Chris Gaylord of North Slope Veterinary to learn what to avoid and what to do in case.


Brooklyn Bark:   What are some things I should look out for this holiday season in order to keep my dog healthy?  Are there certain toxins that are more commonly seen this time of year?

Dr. Chris:  Yes, chocolate toxicity, and increasingly xylitol (an artificial sweetener) toxicity are all things that pet owners should be aware of during the holiday season.  Chocolate ingestion is by far the most common.

BBark: Can my pet die from eating chocolate?

Dr. Chris:  It’s possible but most cases are not that serious.  There are three factors that

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Safe Holidays to You

Have you ever noticed how much trouble pets (and kids) can get into when you are not paying attention to them?

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