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Why pay $10.39 When You Can Get it for $6.27?

It's hardly a secret that the mark-up on pet treats, toys and accessories borders on the obscene.   Why else would PetSmart buy-out have fetched $8.7 billion (yes, with a B) less than a year ago?  Triple keystone, tripling the cost, is not uncommon.


But we New Yorkers believe in bargains.  Triple keystone is far from being a bargain, especially when you can easily find the idential products for much less.  Take Zuke's Beef and Potato Jerky.  You can pay $10.39 at PetSmart or you can get the identical package for $6.27.


Filling pup's or kitty's stocking at wholesale prices

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Pup’s Ghoulish Delights: an easy to make Halloween treat for pups

Halloween is a Brooklyn dog’s quintessential holiday.  Even better than Christmas or Thanksgiving where he shares the spotlight with humans, on Halloween pup is center stage.  Sure if there are some people puppies they all share center stage, but we salute Halloween as a Brooklyn Dog’s holiday.


So, how can you make it even more special? You already have pup’s costume.  You have practiced his wearing it, accompanied with lots of praise and treats and he’s ready to go. Howl-a-Ween, PUPkin and even Tompkins Square Park, here we come.


Well, there is one trick in your repertoire for Trick or Treat Day: Homemade Dog Cookies.   And they are so, so easy.


These are easier than you think.  Even pup parents who worship Seamless can make these in less than 5 minutes.  All t

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Prizes Galore! Atlantic Antic Here we Come!!!

Brooklyn Barkers are all winners!  On Sunday, Sept. 30th we are going to prove that all pups are winners, too.  Of course, Barkers maybe a little more.

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Tainted Chicken Jerky Treats - AGAIN!

Today's Smart Brief bulletin from the American Veterinary Medical Association reports 900 complaints about chicken jerky dog treats made in China.  They report that the implicated brands include:

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Dogs Eat the Strangest Things, Surgery Included

When our Welsh Corgi, Radar, ate a tennis ball he ended up in surgery.  Two years later, he bit off a piece of "safe" dog toy and ended up in surgery.  

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Beware of Tainted Chicken Jerky Treats

Too, too regularly we read of FDA reports that dried chicken treats produced in China are causing sickness and even death in pups who eat them.  Today, msnbc reported:

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