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Giardia - should I be worried?

Giardia are a scurge all year round.  But they are especially active in Spring and Fall when there are nice puddles to play in and drink and damp earth to roll on and enjoy.  We caught up with Dr. Chris Gaylord of North Slope Veterinary to get some background on this parasite that loves to cause tummy aches and worse.


Brooklyn Bark: What is Giardia and how is it transmitted?

Dr. Chris:  Giardia (Giardia duodenalis) is a gastrointestinal parasite.  It is a type of single celled organism called a protozoa. Both dogs and cats are susceptible although we see it more in dogs, likely because they are inveterate poop sniffers and always out on the streets.

Infected dogs shed Giardia cysts, which are like eggs, in their feces and the cysts can live for many months in the environment and are often found in

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Dogs, Music and Photography: Dog Walking in South Slope with Jake Smisloff

Jake Smisloff is our dog walker in the South Slope and Flatbush areas.  When he's not busy walking dogs, Jake is playing with his band Pop & Obachan, working on the band's full-length album, playing guitar with August West, and working as a freelance photographer for Paste magazine.  He also volunteers at the non-profit community Gowanus Darkroom.   This talented, passionate musician and photographer loves working at Brooklyn Bark because:  "I prefer to be surrounded by dogs instead of people all day!"   One of his favorites is a Great Dane named Buttercup; every time he sits on a bench to tie his shoelace, the giant dog tries to sit on his lap!


He loves walking dogs in the South Slope and Flatbush areas because of all the dog lovers who admire his charges.  The dogs lov

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Our Philosophical Dog Walker in Clinton Hill: Joe Lazarz

Joe Lazarz walks dogs in Clinton Hill and thinks some deep thoughts while doing so: "Life, of course.  Personal growth is always a topic in my mind.  I daydream about how I can do more, how I can utilize the things in life that get me fired up to help other people."  He believes in building relationships on empathy, understanding and trust.  He also appreciates it when people recognize his talents and he loves to "recognize and appreciate theirs."  


When asked what kind of animal he would like to become, Joe said: "I can imagine being a dolphin, playing all day and to our best knowledge, leading emotional lives in a

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Dog Walking in Ft. Greene with a British Accent: Ryan Lovejoy

Those who have lived in Fort Greene for a while probably know its Revolutionary War history but for those who are new here's a brief rundown.  After the American loss at the Battle of Brooklyn Heights, General Nathanael Greene supervised the building of Fort Putnam and the fort was later renamed after this Revolutionary War hero from Rhode Island. 

What does this bit of American history have to do with dog walking in Fort Greene?  Well, the British have returned to this section of Brooklyn and this time they've got an army of dogs.  That's right - our dog walker in Ft. Greene is a Brit.

Ryan Lovejoy landed on American shores after meeting his future wife Kym online and proposing in front of her grade school class.  A cross-country stag trip

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Nick Waldorf: Ready for Late Night TV as He Walks Dogs in Park Slope

Nick Waldorf keeps his wits about him - so well, in fact, that the notes he writes of his daily experiences walking their dogs are the highlight of the pet owners' day.   Barkers have even been known to pass his notes around their offices so everyone can enjoy a good chuckle.   As examples of Nick's wit, consider his descriptions of some of the dogs he walks and what he thinks about while doing so:



"Stewie Jablonski will sometimes look up if someone says “Stewie” outside, but he’ll ALWAYS look up if they say “Awwww.”


"Sophie Risdon sometimes likes to do an impression of a coffee table in the middle of the walk, but if I do an impression of a

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Pablo Come Home

This is the note from owner Michael Silverstone:

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