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Brooklyn Dogs from Bergan Beach to Attend "Bark in the Park"

This is a guest article by Stella Blanca Panzarino of the Bergan Beach Barkers.  We dedicate it to all Brooklyn Dogs and their dog walkers, peeps or prof.

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It's Brooklyn Cyclones "Dog Day"!

Brooklyn Dogs, their people and their dog walkers are gearing up for one of summer's highlights - Bark in the Park.  We hope they are as excited as we are.

At Brooklyn Bark we love making pups and their people happy - by the way, kitties, too but we don't expect many cats coming out for the game.

So, what have we done to make the night a success?

Brooklyn Bark has created four types of fun for pups and their owners.

  1.   Doggie Bags.  Unlike the restaurant leftovers that you bring home to turn green in the back of your fridge, both the bags and the contents are useful for pup and for you.  We have stuffed them with treats, frizbees, high quality sample products and lots of discount coupons.  These are all in a non-woven tote owners can reuse and reuse.

  2. Tennis balls.  Lots and lots of tennis balls for pup to proudly take home.

  3. &          Raffle.  More doggie products.  Baskets of great toys and treats from Kong and Zukes plus gift certificates for dog training and for people eating.

  4.   &     Emergency envelope.  Wallet card with poison control contact and 24-hr. Brooklyn vet info.  Door sticker alerting first responders that furry ones are abiding (and might be hiding) inside.

Come by our booth to pick up goodies for pup and you.  We'll be in the picnic area. Very easy to find.  Just let pup's nose lead you to where your dinner is being grilled.

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Brooklyn Bark "Doggie Bags" for the Bark in the Park

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Bark in the Park

We have a guest blog and invitation from Billy Harner, the webmaster of the Brooklyn Cyclones.  

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Make Your Dog a Brooklyn Cyclone Fan!

Brooklyn Barkers - furry and human - have been invited to the August 22 Cyclones baseball game.  We are fortunate not only for this invitation, but for our wonderful business partner, Anthony Newman of Calm Energy Dog Training, giving us the following tips to make the evening totally terrific.

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Brooklyn Bark Dogs are Invited to Take their Owners to the Ball Game

After all the nice things you do for pup, here is a chance for him to show his thanks by “taking you out to the ball game.”

On Aug 22nd (festivities begin at 4 pm; first pitch is at 7 pm) the Brooklyn Cyclones will host Bark in the Park, sponsored by the Mayor’s Alliance for Animals.  Pups are invited to bring their people to the game.

That’s special, but it gets even more special for us Brooklyn Barkers.  Our tickets - two legged Barkers or four - are just $5 (enter BBarker when you click on “Enter Promo Code” for tickets on Aug 22)

It gets better….  We will have our own section with a banner at the game.

And still better….   Hot dog (or veggie burger) + soda + chips = $6.25 with meal voucher. You can get your voucher from the Bark Master at the game.  

And the best…. Along with the treats BB has for pup at the game is a baseball cap with the Brooklyn Bark logo.  

Pups, what a great way to celebrate all the nice things your persons do for you!  Take them to Bark in the Park Cyclones ball game.  Feed them, clothe them and get a treat for yourself.

It doesn’t get much better than this.  Certainly not at the price.

To order tickets:>Tickets> individual tickets (on dropdown menu)> Aug 22>Enter Promotion Code (which is BBarker).  Or make your life easy and click on the baseball below.

Seating:  Barkers in our own section with our banner in the bleachers

Meal vouchers: $6.25 at the game from the Bark Master

Brooklyn Bark baseball caps: at the game from Rachel or a Care Associate.

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