Brooklyn Bark Talks

Triumph at the Mutt Show

With close to 2,000 attendees, the Brooklyn Mutt Show provided a chance for pup owners in the tri-State area to shop for unique and wonderful dog items, learn about maintaining a safe environment for pup, meet trainers and behaviorists, have their pup's portrait taken and win a medal - or not win one - for having the softest ears or the least likelihood to become a police dog.

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An Amazing Class that Can Save Your Pet's Life

I have "owned" a dog my entire life.  For a while I was owned by a cat, too.  As Bark Master at Brooklyn Bark, I interact a couple hundred pups and kitties as a wonderful part of my job.  

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It's 2 am. Do You Know What Your Dog is Up To?

You are ready for bed and your cat is breathing but doesn't move.  Your dog got into a kerfuffle at off-leash hours and an hour later he is suddenly bleeding profusely.

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The Life You Save....

One out of four more furry lives could be saved if just one first aid technique had been applied, according to the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA).

Just like insurance, you never know when you will need it, but when you do there is nothing more important that a pet parent can have…. First Aid Aid Training for Pets.

Barkers and non-Barkers will have an opportunity on Saturday, July 16th to attend a class to learn Pet Owner First Aid.  

Brooklyn Bark will be presenting  Mr. Kevin Dolan, Pet Tech First Aid Instructor who will give the 4-hour certification course in Ft. Greene Park starting at 9 am.

Attendance at the course is limited because it involves one-on-one work with Mr. Dolan as you practice techniques you have just learned on his “dummy pets”.  Since none of our furry Barkers are dummies, that is a good way to remember NOT to bring your own kitty or pup.

Instructor Dolan will cover pet emergencies of all types and help participants design their own pet first aid kits.  He will review day-to-day wellness as well as “what to look for” and other early warning signs.

Because we feel so strongly about our Barkers being the best pet sign up to be the best pet parent you can possibly be.  www.BrooklynBark/CPR

If you have any concerns or questions, drop a line to

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