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PET SAFETY MONTH: 30 tips in 30 days that can save your pet's life - Tip #24

Kitty is  lethargic. Pup is drooling.  Kitty won't eat her favorite dinner.  You left pup in a very warm room and maybe it was too warm.

Is this serious?  Is this going to pass or do I need to contact my vet?  Or do I need to get her to her vet pronto? 

Shock is the underlying issue with any injury.  In shock, the circulatory system is starting to shut down.  There is a simple test to tell if your petis in shock, moving into shock or coming out of shock.  It is called "Capillary Refill" or CRT (Capillary Refill Time).  

Very easy to do.  You press your finger against your pet's gums to produce a blanched (white) spot and then measure the time it

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An Amazing Class that Can Save Your Pet's Life

I have "owned" a dog my entire life.  For a while I was owned by a cat, too.  As Bark Master at Brooklyn Bark, I interact a couple hundred pups and kitties as a wonderful part of my job.  

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It's 2 am. Do You Know What Your Dog is Up To?

You are ready for bed and your cat is breathing but doesn't move.  Your dog got into a kerfuffle at off-leash hours and an hour later he is suddenly bleeding profusely.

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