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Your Pet's Skin is So Much More Sensitive than Yours..... Groom it That Way

Pommy the Pomeranian was hiding in the corner of the dog park, trying not to scratch. She knew the penalty would be a trip to the bathroom tub with her mom’s best intentions bathing her with baby shampoo. She knows that would make her itch 10 times worse. What to do?

“I know how you feel,” sympathized Bruno the Boxer. “Last summer when I had Giardia, my Lady, wiped my butt with paper towels. I know this is a delicate subject but how could I tell her that the wiping hurt more than the pooping?”

Ah, if only our pups – and our kitties, rabbits, ferrets, pet rats and other furry loved ones – could talk. And only if they knew what to tell us.

What to tell us is quite simple. Critters with fur are not us. They have fur, we don’t. They have skin that is protected everywhere by fur, pH balanced at a much higher pH than ours and about 1/3 the thickness of ours. In a word it is much more sensitive than our skin and even human’s m

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