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APRIL IS PET SAFETY MONTH: 30 tips in 30 days that can save you pet's life - Tip #1

April is Pet Safety Month.  This just happens to coincide with the ASPCA’s birthday and we are celebrating in a big way, sharing tips and tricks that could save your pet’s life.

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Don't Let Your Dog Get Poisoned (We Really Mean It)

There is always an undercurrent of "Beware" for any dog in an urban area, from the heavy traffic to the sometimes inane noise level to, yes, being accidentally poisoned.

Two points make a line and on Thursday, we witnessed two separate incidents of exposed rat poison, one in a local park an

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Warning from FDNY:  Manhole Fires


Manhole fires          


We already have had three in Brooklyn since last weekend's blizzard.  They are a chronic problem in NYC, flaring up after a snowstorm or a rain.


What causes them and what are the warning signs?


You know all that salt that NYC and landlords throw down to make roads and sidewalks *safe*?  Well it mixes with the melting snow that frequently drains into manholes causing corrosion to the electrical components in the hole.


The elecrical wires get shorted out and a fire errupts. 


Not only is the manhole fire dangerous in itself, but the burning wires produce toxic fumes.  One of the most dangerous side effects is fro

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An Emergency Warning for Cobble Hill - and head's up elsewhere

Please let me share an email we received this morning.  It may be passed by now - or not - but this is a good reminder to review exterminator poisons in New York.


Here's the email we received:

We have information that there is rat poison - in the open - on the sidewalks on Butler St between Smith and Hoyt.  Reportedly, two dogs have died after which EPA was alerted and cleaned it up.

We share this warning to be extra careful and avoid that area.  We have heard of this type of thing before so we know to always be careful.  Sometimes landlords or their superintendants 

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What you DON'T Want to See in Your Dog's Food

Just as in much of processed human foods, synthetic preservatives are commonly present in most commercial dog foods.  A number have been shown to be toxic in the laboratory.  Regular exercise and a healthy diet are critical to your dogs health and happiness.  So is a commitment to provide safe and nutritious food.


For starters, only purchase foods that carry the AAFCO  logo.   Membership in the American Association of Feed Control Officials is voluntary.  AAFCO guarantees WYSIWYG - What You See Is What You Get.  W

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4 Tips for the Pups and Kitties of Brooklyn to Come Clean this Spring


Spring has sprung.  Dog walking in Brooklyn - and everywhere - has become even more joyous.  Here are 4 quick tips for your pup and kitty spring cleaning.


Chemical Free for Safe Cleaning, Spring Cleaning for Pets

Keeping your pet area clean is a daily chore for most pet owners.  Whether it's scooping the litter box or picking up after walking your dog, cleanliness is part of the daily routine.

But every spring we think about deep cleaning, getting rid of the winter grime and making everything fresh and new again. So what does

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Safe Holidays to You

Have you ever noticed how much trouble pets (and kids) can get into when you are not paying attention to them?

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