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PET SAFETY MONTH: 30 tips in 30 days that can save your pet's life - Tip #11

Rainbow puddles are not rainbows.

If you see a shimmery puddle, often green, on the street don’t let pup drink from it.  It is probably antifreeze which is poisonous.

Antifreeze is generally ethylene glycol which lowers 

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An Emergency Warning for Cobble Hill - and head's up elsewhere

Please let me share an email we received this morning.  It may be passed by now - or not - but this is a good reminder to review exterminator poisons in New York.


Here's the email we received:

We have information that there is rat poison - in the open - on the sidewalks on Butler St between Smith and Hoyt.  Reportedly, two dogs have died after which EPA was alerted and cleaned it up.

We share this warning to be extra careful and avoid that area.  We have heard of this type of thing before so we know to always be careful.  Sometimes landlords or their superintendants 

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