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What Is A Raw Pet Food Diet & Why Would Anyone Choose It?

This guest post is by Jacques Duplantier an advocate of raw food based on the positive changes that it produced in his own pup.  If you would like to experiment with feeding raw food, we urge you to keep your vet in the loop and please be sure to follow proper sanitation precautions since you will not be killing bacteria with the heat of cooking. 

What is a raw food diet?  Should I be interested?

A raw pet food diet is exactly what it sounds like.  The recipes consist of a large portion of human-grade raw meat, along with pet-friendly vegetables.  They are made in small batches to keep everything fresh.  You might be thinking, “Ew, I don’t want to grind up raw meat,” and I don’t blame you – but just think of how much joy your pets bring you.  They’re definitely worth it!


We were first introduced to raw food to help our lovable mutt, Corrina, who was diagnosed by her vet with a severe food all

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