Brooklyn Bark Talks

Rescue Debut

Hardly the debut of rescue in Brooklyn, but the debut of the film RESCUE! BROOKLYN.

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The Amazing Brooklyn Mutt Show

The contest are a ton of fun and purely Brooklyn.  So, your dog didn't win "Best in Class" at Westminster?  Well, she can win "Best Kisser" or "Least Likely to Become a Police Dog" at the Brooklyn Mutt Show. 

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Joy to the World at Sean Casey Animal Rescue

One of the great things about pets is how much joy they bring us.  On Dec. 22, FreshPet and Brooklyn Bark teamed up to bring joy to the pets at Sean Casey Animal Rescue who were awaiting their forever homes.

Dana and her crew from FreshPet drove into town in a van equipped for distributing treats to deserving pups (all pups are deserving; just ask them).  Volunteers from SCAR took their dogs out on leash to “feed at the trough” and enjoy fresh treats.  The kitties awaiting adoption may not have been as expressive but they were likely as grateful for the tasty morsels FreshPet brought for them, too.

The pups’ joy was infectious as each in turn stood at the counter or climbed up the little green staircase to get his holiday treats.  Tails wagged; butts wiggled and little songs of doggie joy filled the air.

With the cases and cases of product donated by FreshPet, every kitty and every pup will go to his new home with a special gift.

We all know that Shelters are not run on treats alone, so Brooklyn Bark, represented by the Bark Master, Todd Meredith - one of our new Care Associates – and Hicks Younes on leash, presented Sean Casey a check for his soon-to-be-opened new shelter in Sunset Park. Of course we will keep Barkers informed as Sean’s opening date is determined and the Grand Opening is planned.  Sean and his crew are aiming for March.

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