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Dealing with Pet Loss Grief; Now it's About YOU

Doodles is gone and you can’t stop crying inside.

No dog – or cat – lives long enough but she was special being with you for just 6 years.

Friends were supportive but maybe a day or two. And that’s all you could really expect. No one said anything stupid which was more than you could ever hope for.

But she’s gone. And you still see her. You see her walking into the room carrying her favorite doll, the one with only one arm. You see her sleeping in her bed although you donated it to the animal rescue that helped you adopt her. She nudges you for dinner or a treat although you gave them all her food and cookies, too.

You can’t see straight for there are tears in your eyes. You’ve lost pets before and it’s always been hard, so hard. But this is different. You just moved to a new neighborhood a

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