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PET SAFETY MONTH:  Where it all started - Happy Birthday ASPCA!

They are our heroes!

In 1866, life was very different. Transportation relied primarily on horses. The streets stank and the horses were property that was expected to perform. Or pay the consequences.

In 1863, a New Yorker, a diplomat named Henry Bergh stopped a carriage driver from beating his fallen horse. The world was not a friendly place and certainly not for animals. Workhorses were forced to haul past the point of exhaustion. Dogcatchers stole pet dogs and held them for ransom.   Read More

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Support the ASPCA with Brooklyn Bark

This is a note from Jessica Remitz, proud mom of Darwin.  Darwin is one of the sweetest dogs BBark walks.  Let's help Jessica say "Thank You" to the ASPCA for all their wonderful work.

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