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GREAT DOG WASH: Great time for Pups, Great time for new Social Media Stars

The Irish setter shook, spraying the already drenched, giddy volunteers while the little beagle was looking for his attorney's cell number hoping she could save him from the fate of b-a-t-h.  The haughty King Charles graciously accepted his packages of Charlee Bear treats while the freshly scrubbed Great Dane regally posed in a purple boa and sunglasses for pictures her delighted momma posted to Facebook.

It was joyous mayhem as Brooklyn Bark raised money and Brooklyn dog fun on a hot summer's day at Sean Casey Animal Rescue, last Saturday.  It was the 7th annual GREAT DOG WASH.

But what were we thinking?  What were we

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Seven Reasons to Bring Pup to the GREAT DOG WASH on Saturday

Seven is a lucky number.  Here are seven reasons to bring pup to Brooklyn Bark's GREAT DOG WASH this Saturday.

1)  YOU know your dog needs a bath.  Badly.

2)  Your DOG knows they need Charlee Bear TREATS to enjoy after their wash and to take home as a reward.  From the bottom of their paws.

3)  YOU know you would like to take home some home baked human goodies.  You need a yum sooo much!

4)  Your DOG knows they'd like you to take home some home baked doggie goodies.  And your pup needs a yum, too!  They say, even more.

5)  You BOTH would like to get out and socialize with other 

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