Brooklyn Bark Talks

Mariya Mego Vela: Extraordinary Dog Walker in East Williamsburg

Meet our extraordinary dog walker in East Williamsburg, Mariya Mego Vela!  Mariya loves animals so much, she would like to turn into a panther; either that or live somewhere between the ocean and the mountains with her partner and at least three dogs.


Besides animals, her other passions lie with movies, social issues, camping, hiking, travel, and rocks. Yes, that's right - rocks!

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Comedy Central's Next Star is Walking Dogs in Williamsburg: Jacqui Rossi

Jacqui Rossi, Comedy Central's next star, is dog walking in Williamsburg!    That's right - there's a rising comedic star accompanied by her four-legged entourage on the prowl through the streets of this hip, multilingual  neighborhood.  Jacqui is an actor, comedian, improviser, and writer who has appeared in three productions so far this year.   She played male characters in all three roles - two of them complete with mustaches!   She performs with her two-person improv team and she and her sketch team also regularly create videos for the internet.   Besides playing comedic roles, this talented actress has also appeared in a handful of dramatic roles.

This multi-talented woman also has a Bachelor of Arts (with Honors in History!) from Harvard University and has tutored students in history, English, math, and writing skil

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