Brooklyn Cares Adopt-a-Pet Day, Oct 11

Brooklyn Cares Adoption Flyer

Borough President Eric Adams is working on legislation for a tax credit for those who adopt pets. Brooklyn Bark was pleased to help with this great event and looking forward to a Spring return. You'll see us in the background as the main highlights were the rescue groups! 

The event was cold, wet and windy but it didn't stop people from coming out and finding a new purrfect family memeber (happy adoptions at the bottom on the page)

Stories were covered on Fox5, News12, BrooklynEagle and more. 


Borough President Eric Adams supports tax credits for adopting shelter pets

Supporters say it's time to give animal lovers an incentive to stay away from pet stores. (10/8/14)

BROOKLYN - Borough President Eric Adams is calling on lawmakers in Albany to give tax credits to those who adopt dogs or cats from animal shelters.

Adams is supporting the legislation in Albany to get more New York residents to adopt. The bill would give pet owners a $100 tax credit if they adopt a pet from a shelter or rescue.

Adams says a pet would bring joy into the lives of family members, and the tax credit is an incentive for people to adopt.

There will be a pet adoption event at Borough Hall Plaza this weekend from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. with plenty of cats and dogs looking for a home.