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Windsor Terrace

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Brooklyn Bark Loves Windsor Terrace

A residential neighborhood of tree-lined streets sandwiched between Prospect Park and the historic Green-Wood Cemetery, Windsor Terrace is one of Brooklyn's prettiest neighborhoods. (Disclosure: we're a bit biased since Rachel's Dad was born in the Terrace).

For many old-time residents of the Terrace, the coming of the Prospect Expressway was truly traumatic. 

We all know the beauties of the Park, but how many have visited Green-Wood, where some of the biggest names in 19th and 20th century New York are buried?  Massive monuments and mausolea abound.  And then there are the wild parrots!

Our friends at Sean Casey Animal Rescue are located on East 3rd Street, just South of Fort Hamilton Parkway. Stop by and say hello.

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