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At the Mutt Show

Brooklyn Bark, in conjunction with BluePearl, will be offering a course in first aid and CPR for pets at the Brooklyn Mutt Show, tought by none other than our very own Bark Master with the able assistance of Dr. David Wohlstadter! 

This 4-hour certification course will cover 

  • Pet and human safety (as the Bark Master says, the first difference between pet cpr/first aid and human is that with pets your first precaution is that the patient doesn't bite you)
  • Bites & lacerations
  • Hypothermia / hyperthermia
  • Fractures
  • Seizures
No one ever wants to be in a sitation requiring this knowledge, but if you are and don't have it......  not good!
The American Veterinary Hospital Association estimates that 1 in 4 or more pets in emergency situations could be saved by the application of one or more of the techniques you will learn in this class.

Please note:  do not bring your own dog to this class.  We will be practicing our techniques, hands-on, on some very well behaved plush doggies.

The standard cost for Pet CPR / First Aid Certification is $150 but Brooklyn Bark is commited to getting this information out to any and all pet owners.

To support Animal Rehab in NYC, we are requesting a minimum donation of $50 per student. Class size is limited to 20 students and the class will be given on both Saturday and Sunday from noon - 4 pm. Sign up now and reserve your place.

Helen and Hicks  pup w band aid  David Wohlstadter
 CPR/First Aid Instructor,
Helen, Brooklyn Bark Bark Master 

 Emergency Veterinarian,
David Wohlstadter, DVM 

Helen and Hicks CPR/First Aid Instructor,
Helen, Brooklyn Bark Bark Master 
pup w band aid  THANK YOU!
David Wohlstadter

 Emergency Veterinarian,
David Wohlstadter, DVM 

This class is generously subsidized by these wonderful partners

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