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A Sweet Dog Story: Adopting Ginger

When a little brother or sister is on the way, parents lay in a supply of story books about their arrival to share with the older sibs.

Finally, a book about adopting a new dog into the family, "Adopting Ginger." This delightful tale was written by a retired school teacher, Linda Griffin, based her neighbors bringing a rescue dog into their lives.

"Adopting Ginger" is aimed at children from age 5 and up. It tells the story of brother and sister and their parents making a family decision to adopt a dog. They go together to their local shelter and have a difficult time choosing just one pup to bring home.

But the magic that always seems to happen happens and the whoe family falls in love with Ginger when she licks the kids fingers and wiggles her butt.

Although the book doesn't go into details - this book is for young kids - Ginger was rescued from a high-kill shelter in South Carolina and brought north for adoption. She has been through a lot and it shows.

Quite accurately, the story describes Ginger's fear and trepidation as she is brought to still another place. She has no way of knowing this is where she will be loved and cared for the rest of her life. She is terrified of stairs and of almost everything she encounters. Hides from everyone and she won't eat.

Ms. Griffin shows how Emma and Aiden, the two kids, bring Ginger around with a lot of love and a lot of patience and a lot of treats. They don't give up but devise little plans to help Ginger explore her new environment and build her confidence.

Within a week it all pays off and Ginger becomes a full fledged part of the family, playing, eating and teaching them all how to do the "wiggle butt" that so endeared her to them in the shelter.

If you know a family with children that is contemplating adopting a dog or even a cat, rabbit or other pet, this is a great story to prepare them for what is to come. My copy is going to my veterinarian who is expecting her first child and who will, undoubtedly, be adopting a new dog into her family within the next few years. It's a great story to share the love.

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