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Brooklyn Bark Salutes our Military Canines with Holiday Gifts

Since 2009, United for the Troops has distributed over 15,800 gift boxes to men and women serving in the American armed forces.

But they have not distributed any gifts to canines serving, too.

This is now changing through a partnership with Brooklyn Bark Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Services (

Through their own partnerships with high quality dog food and treat companies – Charlee Bears, Fromm Family, Honest Kitchen, Wellness and Weruba among others – who donated product, Brooklyn Bark prepared over 50 gift bags with treats, special food and an imprinted Brooklyn Bark paw wiping chamois for pups serving in the military.

These specially wrapped holiday gift bags will be sent to handlers through United for the Troops for this Christmas with new gifts planned for Valentines and other “major” gift giving holidays.

“Often the greatest joy for a dog owner is a gift for his or her dog,” Rachel Bowers, owner of Brooklyn Bark, observed. “But can you imagine when that dog is not only constant companion but many times over the handler’s own life saver?”

“We could not be more thrilled than to be reaching out now to all who serve. Whether they have two feet or four paws, they are protectors of our liberty and we thank them,” shared United for the Troops co-founder, Jim Rathschmidt, himself a dog owner.

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