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Finding Pet-Friendly Housing: A Quick Guide

People moving to Brooklyn have a lot to think about in looking for a place. How much is the rent? Is there enough space for you and your significant other? Is it close to public transportation? But among this crowded field of concerns, maybe the biggest for people who love their pets is how to find pet friendly housing in Brooklyn, especially since it is estimated that only 25% of housing in New York City is pet friendly. Not only that, but some landlords who do rent to people with pets have certain rules--no animals over 70 pounds, for example.

The statistics mean it's hard--but don't worry, you can find a place that takes you and your pet with a little research and some leg work.

First, the Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals puts out a list of pet-friendly realtors and real estate sites, along with resources for pet lovers and a list of legal resources. You really need a realtor who has his or her antennas tuned to pets because, believe it or not, MLS listing do not include this attribute.

Second, use the city. Brooklyn has park areas and dog runs that are, not surprisingly, filled with dog lovers. Download BBark's guide to Dog Friendly Brooklyn. Visit ones near areas where you want to live and strike up a conversation! You will find people very helpful, very sympathetic, and full of advice. You will also learn the difference between buildings that are truly pet friendly and those that claim to be but are better called "pet tolerant".

Third, think about certifying your pet for good behavior. Seriously, many landlords are simply afraid of a disruptive dog damaging their property. The American Kennel Club runs a Canine Good Citizen program that will serve as proof that your dog is a good girl or boy! For a small landlord, this can make the difference.

Finding a pet-friendly building in NYC is not easy, but these tips should help you find a great place for you and your pet.

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