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Good Pet Nutrition Wins

It was 2010 and the market trend was evident from the increase in obesity and diabetes in dogs and cats, our pets, our family members.

Landon Hall, an all-American swimmer knew this likely mirrored the situation in humans – poor diet and lack of exercise. He couldn’t do anything about the exercise but the diet part he could definitely address and he formed Nulo (stands for New Love).

We Brooklyn Dog Walkers and Cat Sitters are sometimes appalled to realize what goes on in the pet food industry. It is one of the fastest growing and most profitable industries out there ($10.4 Billion growing close to 30% a year) so it is not only a magnet for human food companies where the market is stagnant but it is attractive for another reason – ingredients that don’t qualify for the human food chain either from the point of quality or being a waste part, can be used in pet food. When the bottom line dictates, quality can go by the wayside and the nutritional value of the pet foods suffer.

So based on his knowledge of mammalian nutrition as a human athlete, Landon Hall learned about canines and felines and created Nulo, a food and treat line made exclusively of human grade ingredients (no waste products, rejects or waste products) we at Brooklyn Bark can love.

Depending on their life stage, your dog needs more (puppy, active dog) or fewer (middle age, older dog) and you can select your food accordingly. All foods have a low Glycemic Index meaning they will be digested slowly and your pet will feel happy longer, as will his whole body.

Foods contain a probiotic which will help gut functioning. There are choices of single source proteins such as lamb, turkey or trout (great if your pet has allergies, commonly to chicken) or mixed source. There is bone broth to moisten the food of picky eaters or just to liven it up. If your pet’s digestion is up to it, we strongly recommend varying their diet which tends to both reduce the risk of developing allergies and helps capture varies undiscovered micronutrients.

We do have a highly trained Nulo representative in our area. If you want to discuss your pup or your kitty’s diet with him, just drop us a note and I’ll happily put you in touch because, yes, although the

foods are great, can be a bit overwhelming.Leigh will be happy to coach you, no charge.

Meanwhile, if you are anywhere near Times Square for the next month, enjoy a smile compliments of our new partner and friend. Did I mention that Nulo is a Texas based company and we know that everything in Texas is big, Big BIG. And so are Nulo ads. So if you are on 42nd Street between 7th & 8th Avenues look up and you will see nutrition, great dog nutrition.

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