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Dr. Dan's colleagues from VERG and BBark will be at the Sean Casey Block Party on Sunday doing cheek swabs to help find a bone marrow match for Dr. Dan. Thank you gifts and the feeling that you are helping someone who has helped so many of our critters.

Veterinarians. They are there to help our pups, kitties and other family critters every hour, every day. They improve lives and save lives every day. But what happens when the tables are turned and a veterinarian needs to have his life saved? Dr. Danny Gray of Veterinary Emergency Referral Group (VERG) was diagnosed with Follicular Lymphoma last year. He underwent classic chemotherapy but his remission was short-lived. He is now awaiting a bone marrow transplant which we pray will save his life. But where do bone marrow transplants come from? They come from donors like you and me. Unlike ABO blood cross-matching, HLA bone marrow cross-matching produces many fewer positive matches, thus needs more potential donors in the pool. Yes, it’s a needle in a haystack, but that needle has saved many a life. On Saturday, October 12, BBark will be partnering with VERG in our search for potential marrow donors for Dr. Danny. We will be at Monument Plaza, high atop Ft. Greene Park, from 9 am - 3pm. We are asking the community we both know and love - the pet owner community of Brooklyn, Barkers and honorary Barkers. Dr. Danny is beloved in the pet community and many of VERG and BBark partners are donating bags of doggie treats and other goodies to say “thank you” to any pup’s human who signs up for the donor list. What is involved to sign up? Not much! Just a cheek swab and filling out some paperwork. The irony is that now our human Barkers and friends have an opportunity for their own veterinary attention. It will be the vets of VERG taking the cheek swabs (talk about being over qualified!) So join us on October 12th on the plaza just under the Prison Ship Monument. We promise your cheek swab won’t hurt, that you will walk away with thank-you gifts for your pup and you might just be the one who can save the life of our beloved Dr. Danny Gray who has saved so many pups, kitties and other critters for the good people of Brooklyn. If you cannot join us you can request FREE volunteer donor kit online at and send in a swab directly. On behalf of Dr. Danny and all those you will help, THANK YOU!

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