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NYS Legislature Goes Bipartisan to Help Kitties

Onychectomy. The veterinarian amputates each of a cat's toes at the first joint. Because of feline anatomy that their claws are attached directly to the bone, declawing is not a simple process. Declawing involves the removal of bone and tendons at the first joint. It is as painful as it sounds. It is also risky with a significant failure rate that the cat must live with for the rest of her life.

This procedure is illegal in most European countries, most Canadian provinces in Los Angeles, San Francisco and in Denver. And it is on track to become illegal for reasons other than medical necessity - tumors, infection or genetic malformation - in New York State.

Putting politics aside, members of both parties listened to animal lovers, the ASPCA and the American Humane Society and voted to outlaw cosmetic onychectomy. The bill now awaits the signature of a self-proclaimed "dog guy" Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Linda Rosenthal, a Manhattan Democrat, sponsored the bill saying she was standing up for all cats and kittens whose people “think their furniture is more important than their cat.”

With paws crossed, we hope that Gov. Cuomo helps New York become the first state to outlaw cosmetic onychectomy and makes life more comfortable for the kitties in the Empire State.

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