Sleepovers / Staycations / Dog Boarding - in Brooklyn

Hate to leave your pup in the kennel?

We have the solution to that! Your pup will stay with us in our home or we will stay with them in yours. Eitherway, our goal is to recreate the routine they would have while you're home sprinkled with a little extra excitement that comes with spending time with their buddy while you're away! Our Care Givers are CPR/First Aid Certified providing not just a fun experience but a safe one.

Sleepover  This is a great option if your pup doesn't travel well.  Hey, some of us are homebodies...we get it :) If we stay at your housewe will bring in the mail and make sure everything is secure and safe.

Boarding  If your pup is an explorer and settles well into new places, we'd love to have him stay at our place! 

What's Included and Some More Information

  • Our Sleepovers and Boardings work much like a hotel stay.  "Check-in" time is 6pm and the visit ends the following day at noon.  Three walks are included each day; Evening, Morning and Afternoon.  If you need to extend the first or last day of the visit we can add additional walks to either end to cover your travel departure or arrival.
  • For Boardings, be sure to pack enough food for the visit as well as a couple of extra meals, just incase you encounter any pesky travel delays.
  • We will keep your pup on the feeding schedule that he is used to with Lots of love and snuggles and play and, if the rules allow, a few extra treats!

During the weekend our activities are geared with your dog in mind. Extra long stroll in the park, a trip to the farmers market or indoor snuggles and play on those rainy and cold days.

Many owners are jealous and wish they could stay with us!





Rates and Additional Fees:

  • $95/night for sleepover or boarding
  • Each additional dog is 50% of the base service fee
  • Weekend Fee - $8/Night
  • Holiday Fee's - $8/Night for minor holiday and $12/Night for major holiday**
  • Boarding Transportation Fee for visits shorter than 3 days - $12 / trip
** Weekends immediately proceeding or following a holiday will also have Holiday Fees for services booked on those days. For a list of holidays please see our Services and Rates page.

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