Pet First Aid & CPR Seminar

Saturday, Feb 8, 10:00 am - 2:30 pm
195 Montague Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201

 12th floor conference room

This is a 4+ hour course taught by a Brooklyn Bark Pet Tech Instructor in conjunction with AmbuVet. This course will cover the basics of emergency care designed specifically for life in the Big City.

dog bone
"There are significant differences between pet and human CPR/first aid.  The first is that, as far as we know, no human who was being rescued tried to bite or claw his rescuer." 

  • NO DOGS SHOULD ATTEND! We will have dog mannequins to practice on.
  • SPACE IS LIMITED!!! Due to the amount of mannequins and classroom space, please reserve your spot! 
  • FEES: $100 (Brooklyn Barkers & FIDO members, please enter discount code at registration) This fee includes certification, e-book and lunch.

INSTRUCTOR: Helen Bowers teaches how to arrive with your pet (dog, cat or other) at the Veterinary Emergency Room with both of you in the best possible shape for the ER vet to succeed. Helen is a certified PetTech instructor who provides hand on training for animal care and safety. 

There is a lot of hands on learning and our founder, Rachel who is NYS Wildlife Rehab licensed, and Don Montes LVT, founder of AmbuVet, co-instruct and share many real-life experiences.

All staff members of Brooklyn Bark are CPR/first aid certified.  We are committed to bring this information to as many of our clients and friends as possible in order to save as many pets as possible.

"Accidents and injuries happen. It's part of life. But by knowing what to do (and what NOT to do) in a pet emergency when minutes count, pet professionals can offer a greater peace of mind to pet parents." - Arden Moore
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