Talk of the Town - 2011-14

talk of the town awardEvery year, Talk of the Town gives their Excellence in Customer Satisfaction award to companies in diverse industries. 

Brooklyn Bark is proud and honored to receive a top rating, four stars, for 2011, 2012 and 2013!

Talk of the Town
 ratings are based on "consumer-review, websites and blogs, social networks, business rating services and other award information to determine the top companies across the country."The passion that drives us: Each pet, each owner is unique and special and deserves to be treated that way has received national recognition! 

In other words, not just our Barkers like us but independent review of our business infrastructure looks good, too.

We did a little search and learned there are only 5 other Brooklyn businesses in the entire pet category (which includes everything from veterinarians to groomers to pet stores) that received the Excellence in Customer Satisfaction Award.  So not only are our Barkers special, but Brooklyn Bark is, too!