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About Us

Brooklyn Bark began as a one-woman team in 2010. We are now more than twenty people strong and over a decade old. Our commitment to centering the animal's perspective has led to us prioritizing security and enrichment in all of our services. We are animal lovers coming together with knowledge, passion, and drive to create personalized care plans for animals in all stages of life within North and Central Brooklyn. When their pets begin to thrive as part of the Brooklyn Bark pack, our clients feel at peace even on their busiest days knowing that our dedicated team is at the other end of the leash! 

 Our standards in pet safety have saved lives and continue to raise the bar for pet care professionals all over New York City. 

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Individual Care

Brooklyn Bark serves dogs, cats, and critters. Our services are built around each of their needs, as is how we train all members of our teamBrooklyn Bark is a pet care service that caters to dogs, cats, and other pets. We understand that each pet is unique and has different requirements, which is why we tailor our services to meet their individual needs. Our team is trained to provide personalized care to ensure the enrichment and well-being of every client.

If you book a service for your pet from Monday to Friday, we will match them with a Route Walker or Pet Sitter based on their location. We take pride in providing your pet with a consistent caregiver while also giving our Route Walkers time off. In the absence of our regular walkers, we have Cover Walkers to ensure that your pet is always taken care of. We will keep you informed about who will be providing the service for your pet at all times.

First Aid and Pet CPR



Everything is fine with your pet.  Until it isn’t.


Our Care Givers are trained to avoid situations like bites, fights and choking on a chicken bone.  And if one of those situations does happen, we’re ready.  Our Care Givers are Pet CPR/First Aid trained and certified and are ready to save life and limb in an emergency.


It’s like having a pet EMT on call - It is the Brooklyn Bark Peace of Mind, no matter what happens.

pet care company Brooklyn , dog walker brooklyn, pet sitting services, - Brooklyn Bark

Emailed Notes

You want to be on pup’s walk but can’t be.   So we give you the next best thing:  a written report about the visit, including a pee & poo report and anything that happened.  Care Associates are trained to note any change in behavior or health as well as appropriately socialize your pet.

You may not be able to be on the walk but our goal is to give you the Peace of Mind you’d have if you were.

Brooklyn Bark walkers are trained to work with all breeds and temperaments.

GPS Tracking

Open your account and you can see exactly when and where your pup walked.  Know that when you receive the sign-in email our GPS tracker is activated and traces where pup and their Care Associate went until you receive your walk summary and photos when the walk is ended.  Peace of Mind from the next best thing to being there.

Online Booking

NYers are always on the “go”. You can book your pets’ visit right from your phone. So you can book pet care as you are running to catch the subway.


You will get an email confirmation when the walk is assigned, when the walk starts, when it ends and all the information about this walk and all pet’s care history will go right into your account.


That's the Brooklyn Bark Peace of Mind!

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Brooklyn Bark is a member of Certified Professional Pet Sitters
Brooklyn Bark is a member of the National Association for Professional Pet Sitters
Brooklyn Bark pet sitting and dog walking services awarded Best of Pet Care by New York Magazine
pet care company Brooklyn , dog walker brooklyn, pet sitting services, - Brooklyn Bark
Brooklyn Bark dog walking and pet sitting is a member of pet sitters international
Brooklyn Bark is an award winning pet care company in Brooklyn. Winner of platinum paw award.
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