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When pets feel secure, safe, and enriched they thrive! Our clients leave the pet-parent guilt behind and enjoy a healthier work-life balance knowing we center the needs of their pets as if they were our own. 


We know that every pet is different and that calls for individualized care. From dogs with on-leash aggression to fearful rabbits, Brooklyn Bark has everything in place for your pet to receive specialized treatment based on their needs. We meet your animal where they're at with a team that has all the information they need to provide outstanding service. 


Our care associates undergo two weeks of in-field training with senior staff members before going out on their own. Our training program was developed over time and with more than a decade of experience working in Brooklyn's neighborhoods. There’s no place like New York and we match that with our intensive, hands-on training that prepares our staff for wonky doorknobs, on-leash greetings, conflict resolution with strangers, and much more.


Brooklyn Bark care associates are Pet CPR/First Aid Certified; ready to save life and limb in an emergency. Our programs focus on prevention, but if the unpreventable happens Brooklyn Bark is ready. Several of our staff members have even used their certifications to administer first aid in emergency situations for the pets of non-clients as well as for people! Want to know more? Check out or CPR courses and mini-clinics. 


We use technology to our advantage with an app that provides our clients real-time notifications.  Our post-appointment reports neatly package notes from our team, a checklist, photos, and videos so that you always know how your pet is doing! Each report also comes with a GPS map so you can see where your pet is having the most fun! 


Brooklyn Bark provides more stability for pets than larger, app-based pet care companies while giving our clients and their pets more options. As a team of fewer than 40 people, Brooklyn Bark does our best to provide your pet with one to a few consistent care associates for each appointment while also offering 365 days of unique service plans that independent pet care professionals aren’t always able to provide.


Brooklyn Bark’s entire team is bonded and insured which means you can rest easy knowing you, your pet, and your things are covered whenever our Care Associates are around. This coverage also extends to our Care Associates and protects them in the case of on-the-job accidents or any property damage that could occur if they’re boarding an animal in their own home. Dog walking and pet care is serious fun - and we make sure we've got serious coverage for that! 

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