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Brooklyn Bark offers day care for pets and other animals in Brooklyn.


Some pets are picky about the company they keep! When your dog can't be left alone or your cat doesn't quite need 24/7 attention while your'e away, we recommend our daycare services. 

Much like our overnight services, you can opt for in-home or out-home care with custom appointment durations for an array of needs. Any out-home services will require an additional appointment for transportation - but we can handle that for you if you don't have the time! 

Our Scheduling Team will help you put together the right Day Care package for you and your pet! 

Day Care for 3 Hours

This is our shortest Day Care option. It's perfect for those moments when you have to run out briefly but your dog's separation anxiety has other ideas. It's also a great solution for those independent, yet social cats that need more interaction when you're out of town. 

Day Care for 4 Hours

Book a four hour Day Care when you're stepping out for work meetings or a host of errands like doctor's appointments. Our Care Associates will keep your pet comfortable while you're away. 

Day Care for 5 hours

A five hour Day Care is essential when your pet has too much #FOMO for those family dinners, holiday parties, or when your flight is at a risk for being slightly delayed. 

Day Care, Custom Duration

Have a lot on your plate? Our Day Care options can be stacked! Does your pet need a companion for a full work day? We've got you covered with two back-to-back, four-hour appointments! Day or night, you can customize a day care appointment to fit you and your pet's exact needs! 

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