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Brooklyn Bark has been helping animals in need since we got our start in 2010. Ranging from orphaned or injured wildlife to New York's own shelters. Brooklyn Bark has never just stopped at pet care - our animal love runs deep!


We know that ​shelters in NYC are often operating at capacity with low funds and resources which is why we donate a percentage of our profits and talents each year to Brooklyn animal rescues as well as rehabilitation centers across the metropolitan area. Brooklyn Bark looks forward to growing so that we can continue donating more of our monetary and physical resources to the city organizations we align with.

Beyond our local community's rescue efforts Rachel, Brooklyn Bark’s CEO, was a NYS licensed Wildlife Rehabber while other members of our staff are also actively involved in Wildlife rehabilitation and rescue efforts. Our clients often call us directly when they find an animal in need – and we love that! ​Please do not try to care for orphaned or injured animals on your own! Many wild animals can hurt you when they are injured or sick. Give Wild Bird Fund 646-306-2862


Not just pet care!
We are wildlife
lovers and rescue 
enthusiasts too!

Petting a Sheep

List of NYS

Wildlife Rehabbers

Wildbird Fund


NYC Dept. 

of Environmental 



NY Animal Rescues

First Aid Kit

Animal First Aid 

and CPR Course

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