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For Cats

Brooklyn Bark offers in-home visits to check on your cat! Our cat-sitting appointments range from 20 to 45 minutes. 45 minutes is the required appointment time for households with 3 or more cats.

If your cat requires SubQ Fluids or Insulin, select "Cat Visit - Medication" service when you're booking your appointment in Time to Pet. This is the option for you! Pill pockets and or oral injections do not require the "Cat Visit - Medication" service option.

Manecoon Cat Cared for by Brooklyn Bark in  Brooklyn Apartment
Brooklyn Bark offers cat sitting in Brooklyn.
Brooklyn Bark cat sitting in Brooklyn

Service Add-On 

Feeding + Water Change

Orange tabby cat  enjoying the company of a  Brooklyn Bark Care Associate

Our care associates are knowledgeable about the most popular feeder and fountain models. We follow your precise instructions and our own rigorous protocols to make sure your cat has fresh food and water along with clean bowls. We also confirm that your feeder or fountain is running properly and safely! 

Litterbox Cleaning

We know cats are finicky about their spaces, especially their private ones. Our care associates will clean your cat’s litterbox every appointment and add more litter or litterbox box additives as needed. If your litterbox requires more than 10 minutes of care (i.e. a deep cleaning) we will add an additional fee to your service price. 


We know some cats enjoy alone time, but for the more social breeds, our care associates will spend any additional appointment time engaging your cat with their favorite toys! For the more mellow cats out there, we offer light brushing and of course, cuddles.

Light Grooming

When requested, our care associates can perform light brushing in order to mitigate any hairballs. 

Brooklyn Bark will feed your fish and clean your tanks while you're away.
Brooklyn Bark bird sitting bird care in Brooklyn

& Critters

Brooklyn Bark offers in-home visits for your small critter:  guinea pig, hamster, rabbit, snake, or bird.

Multiple appointment durations are available, 45 minutes is required for 3 or more critters. 

Feeding + Water Change

Based on your precise instructions and our Brooklyn Bark protocols, our care associates will refresh water and food for your rabbit, guinea pig, or hamster. We clean each bowl before refilling it so your little one is never exposed to harmful bacteria.

Enclosure Check

Different types of habitats require different maintenance. Our team is versed in different enclosure types so that we can correctly clean them as well as check for any potential issues such as broken toys, loose doors, temperature regulations, etc. If your animal’s habitat takes more than 15 minutes to clean there may be an additional charge added to your cost of service.

Specialty Snacks

We know how much we love snacks, it's no wonder small mammals get so much enrichment from their specialty treats like fresh hay, veggies, pellets, and fruit. Your Brooklyn Bark care associate will adore giving your best friend their favorite treats! 

Litter/Bedding Change

Separate from enclosure cleaning, we make sure your pet's waste won't get in the way of their environment or their health. We always dispose of litter/used bedding outside of your home unless otherwise requested.

Brooklyn Bark offers pet sitting for rabbits.
Brooklyn Bark offers reptile pet sitting in Brooklyn
Brooklyn Bark offers pet sitting for parrots.
Brooklyn Bark offers care for Guinea Pigs
Brooklyn Bark loves pet sitting parrots.


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Before/After Hours

Our business hours are from 10 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. with the last walks of the day beginning no later than 5:30. If your pet needs to be walked before 10 a.m. or after 5:30 p.m. there is an additional $12 added to each appointment.

Additional Pet

For families requesting service for more than one pet, a fee equal to 50% of the base price will be added for each additional, serviced animal. If you have more than one pet but we are only providing care to one animal, there is no additional fee. 


Our care associates are trained to administer SubQ, and insulin. Please book the "Cat Visit - Medication" Service for these. If your cat needs a liquid oral meds here is an additional $8 added for it and thyroid cream. There is no added charge for pills that can be left in food. 

Brooklyn Bark offers pet sitting for rabbits!
Brooklyn Bark offers pet sitting for mice and other rodents.
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