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Lucasdescribe the imageRachel is absolutely the best. We own two “unique” dogs, each with their own personality quirks and often times difficult behavior issues. Rachel has been able to connect with both of them despite how difficult they can be and treats them as if they were her own. She is a true “animal lover” who is always available for walks and sleepovers and and who will make certain that your dogs enjoy every minute of them. Recommended without hesitation. Thanks for everything!
-Lucas & Ella, Park Slope

My 2-year old bird dog, Hicks, comes back from a Brooklyn Bark walk happy, calm, and ready to nap. They treat him with real affection, firmness, and patience. Every time I take him out, I see new changes in his behavior that I didn’t teach him. He walks happily next to me on a leash, stops at crosswalks, and doesn’t pull. I’m happy to trust my dog to Rachel and Brooklyn Bark.
-Hicks, Clinton Hill


FrancisDiesel Rachel is the best.  We have 2 cats, one of whom has kidney disease and requires some special care, both because he’s ill and because he doesn’t like the other cat…  Rachel is meticulous about following the guidelines the vet has for the kitty (which we know because if she didn’t care for him correctly, he’d be sick when we got home), and she gives both of them lots of attention (which we know because they aren’t hateful to us when we return!)  My fiance and I have work schedules that are a little unpredictable, and a couple of times we’ve called on her for last minute care.  She or a co-worker have always been able to make it happen.  She texts us after her visits to let us know how everything went, and often does other small but helpful things if we are away for a while – cutting flowers, watering plants, etc…  Just those small things -that ensure we come back to an intact home.  We feel very comfortable trusting her with our keys and cats, and would recommend her to anyone.
-Francis and Diesel, Clinton Hill

GroverI cannot express enough gratitude and relief at having found such a caring and trustworthy dog walker.  Rachel goes above and beyond the typical services and her attention to Grover’s needs is remarkable.  He is always overjoyed to see her and that speaks volumes to me, as do her immediate texts after or during her visits.  AMAZING SERVICE. 

-Grover, Clinton Hill

Peeves LeRoyRachel at Brooklyn Bark is the absolute best. My cat Peeves is 20 years old, and has chronic renal failure. She requires sub-Q fluids as well as lots of pills twice a day. She isn’t a big fan of being pilled and puts up quite the fight (apparently no one told her she’s 20). Rachel is the only person I feel comfortable leaving Peeves in the care of. Not only does Rachel make sure she gets all her fluids and meds but Peeves always seems happy and not at all traumatized when I get home from vacation. I think this is a great testament to Rachel’s patience and kindness. My other cat Leroy has a huge crush on Rachel and I swear he’d follow her out the door if I didn’t stop him. Rachel also does bird rehabilitation and she’s such a kind person that when I found an injured pigeon she took her in.  If you’re looking for someone who’s a true animal lover, responsible, caring, professional, and beyond kind to care for your pet, I can’t recommend Rachel highly enough.

-Leroy, Peeves & Marnie, Fort Greene

FaustoAs first-time pet owners, my husband and I quickly fell in love with the dog we rescued and he’s become a very important part of our family. So when it came time to find a dog walker to help out, we were told about Rachel at Brooklyn Bark. Rachel is very friendly, kind to everyone, and very much an animal lover. She never walks more than a couple of dogs at a time and does training with them. Billing is not a problem, BB takes online payments, and their prices are very reasonable. But the most important -factor is that our little doggie is completely in love with Brooklyn Bark and I know the feeling is mutual. -Fausto, Fort Greene

TripoliOriginally, I wasn’t going to let anyone walk Tripoli as Ridge-backs don’t like to be walked by others, and Ridge back owners don’t like others to be walked by their pride, alas, when I got busy at Tillie’s more than once and couldn’t get home in time, Tripoli’s and my piece of minds demanded a dog walker for a quick afternoon walk, nothing fancy. Prices varied, and all dog walkers seemed good enough for that short walk, and so they are. Why bother then? Well, here comes Rachel. Passionate and loving, demanding obedience at all times, caring about details like washing the dogs feet when the side walk is extremely hot, not to mention picking up Tripoli within 15 minutes when I was sick, Rachel is way above the average walker. She takes care of her dogs individually, usually do not walk more then two together unless a bond was established between the dogs. Tripoli is happy to meet her gang, Pepe and Hicks, and so are they. A little note explaining what happened every day and what was done is left behind. Bottom line, when it comes to dog walkers in our fair neighborhood, you have numerous options all reasonable and fine, unless you desire the best there is. Rachel of Bklyn Bark is.

Tripoli, Fort Greene

RileyBrooklyn Bark is so dependable.  I often have to work late and it is nice to know that they will take care of my puppy when I can’t be there.  And best of all, Riley loves Rachel.  She’s always on time and leaves great updates on how Riley was during their walks together.

Riley, Fort Greene

DynamiteDynamite is my first dog and as a rescue is a work in progress.
Finding Rachel to be Dynamite’s dogwalker has been a relief and a support unlike any other. In addition to walks Rachel has offered her enthusiasm, professional knowledge and no end of love to help Dyna. I am lucky to have her presence in my life and highly recommend her to anyone in need of care for their dog. I trust Dynamite in Rachel’s care more than anyone because I trust she loves my dog as much as I do.

Dynamite, Fort Greene


UlyssesAbout 2 months ago I was stuck without someone to walk my dog and I ran into Rachel who was able to help us out that day with a last minute appointment. My dog is big, high energy, really picky and finicky about everything and I was a bit worried because we never had a meet and greet session at the apartment. Things worked out so well for all that Rachel is number one and has been walking Him every day since. The price is right, she’s punctual, reliable, great with the dog and he loves her. She also went the extra mile for him one day when he was sick. This kind of service is unexpected and hard to find these days. I would have to say that Rachel and Bklyn Bark is your best bet for any kind of help with your Brooklyn Pet!
-Ulysses, Clinton Hill 



I am sooooooooooooooooo happy that you are walking Azza!

And I KNOW he is as well! You are truly awesome Rachel. Thank you for understanding. And we are so happy to have you. Honestly, when I hugged Azza goodbye today, I had a smile on my face knowing that you were going to see him later

 - Azza, Clinton Hill


Alfred BowtieMy husband and I couldn't have been more satisfied with the care that Steven provided Alfred.  In addition to the regular updates on your website, he emailed us pictures of he and Alfred sitting on the patio, which put us at ease while we were away.  We felt comfortable knowing that Alfred was having fun and was comfortable with Steven in his home.  When we returned from our trip, we noticed that Steven had left Alfred some tasty treats (which Alfred loves) and that Steven had allowed Alfred to play with his favorite toy quite a  bit, even though the toy is really annoying.  Usually when we go away, Alfred goes crazy when he sees us, jumping all over us and eager to give us kisses.  When we returned on Sunday, however, he greeted us as usual, but wasn't overly hyper.  In fact, we believe he may have been disappointed that we weren't Steven!  

-Alfred, Park Slope

Axel and TigerI wanted to send a quick note to say thank you so much for all of your help the last few weeks when I first couldn't get out and then was stranded because of Hurricane Sandy. 

I was so worried about my cats, and knowing that your team was so great about being there, communicating with me, and making sure my house was secure for the storm was amazing. 

Please pass along my thanks to Rachel and David, and I will do the same. 

-Axel & Tiger, Greenpoint


LeoLazé is amazing. He should get a Pulitzer Prize for his dog walker eMails. They bring me MUCH joy.  Leo has been walked by Brooklyn Bark since I got him and they've been so great. Rachel, Chuck and Laze have provided Leo with so much love and attention, they are the best!

-Leo, Clinton Hill



Ajax Hamachek We just wanted to tell you how INSANELY HAPPY we are with the work Bryan is doing with Ajax.  Ajax tells us every night how much he enjoys when Bryan comes through the door.  And he details every part of the their walks together.  Including that Bryan always lets him sniff whenever he wants, unlike his annoying parents.  So thank you guys so much for introducing us to such an amazing person.  We are all lucky to be working with him!

- Ajax, Cobble Hill

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