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Carroll Gardens


Brooklyn Bark Loves Carroll Gardens

One of Brooklyn’s “newest” neighborhoods, Carroll Gardens was considered to be part of Red Hook until the 1960s, when young professionals working in Manhattan found it an attractive, reasonably-priced place to live.  This was in keeping with the neighborhood’s beginnings, which were occasioned by the creation, in 1846, of the Hamilton Avenue Ferry and the horse car lines which provided easy transportation from Manhattan, across South Brooklyn, to the new and fashionable Green-Wood Cemetery.

Carroll Gardens is a paradise for dogs and a great place for dog walking.  

Although, these days, the Gowns Canal is hardly viewed a a big plus for the neighborhood, it caused a major building and commercial boom in the area when it was built in the late 1860s.

If you’re a Carroll Gardens dog, the neighborhood is a really is a nice place to live.  If you’re in the Historic District, your house likely has a large front garden where you can take your person to play.  And then there’s Carroll Park with it’s trees, shady walks and sitting areas where your person can relax while you take care of the important business of sniffing our your fellow dogs.  What a great neighborhood for dogs and dog walking!

By the way, both the Gardens and the Park are named after Charles Carroll of Maryland, the only Roman Catholic signer of the Declaration of Independence, whose regiment defended the are during the Battle of Long Island in the American Revolution.

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