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Lots of plants are easy to care for, but Brooklyn Bark cares for all sorts of plants while you're out of town.


Are you and your pets leaving town? Will your empty nest be full of thirsty plants? Do you just want someone to make sure your Spindrift delivery actually makes it inside your apartment? Our House Check services are perfect for you! Book one of three options based on your home or plant collection size. (However, the Quick option is best for folks just looking to have their mail brought inside).

You might be thinking that you could have your upstairs neighbor's kids do this. You could. But they don't use an app that provides you with real-time service updates, scan in notifications, photos, and videos. Brooklyn Bark does!

Unsure of what service you need or want to know if we handle something not listed above? Just shoot our team an email! 

We do our best to 
send our plant
experts! Feeling tipsy?
Plant cuttings 



You live in a studio or one bedroom apartment.


You have 5 or less house plants that require the most basic care - using a cup to water them. It should take our Care Associates 20 minutes or less to complete your plant care, security check, and bringing in mail/packages.


You live in 700sq ft or more apartment.


You have more than five plants that would require the CA use other methods than a cup to water your plants. Your plants may even have special requests. It should take our CA between 30 and 20 minutes to diligently complete your plant care, security check, and bring in mail/packages, or take out trash.


You live in a multi level apartment or house that may also have an outdoor space.


You have 11 or more plants, some or all may have detailed instructions or require different methods of watering (self watering systems, aerogardens, humidifiers, etc.) or fertilizing.


It should take our care associate between 30 to 40 minutes to diligently care for your plants, bring in mail, take out trash, and complete a security check.

Brooklyn Bark offers house sitting, mail checks, and plant watering while you're away.
Brooklyn Bark offers house sitting for multi level homes or apartments in Brooklyn
A small studio apartment is easy for Brooklyn Bark's care associates to care for while you're away.
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