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Enjoying Classic Cuisine with Your Pup at Park Slope’s Sotto Voce

Prospect Park is Brooklyn's biggest and best places you can go to play around with your dog. Finding an eatery that allow dogs in Brooklyn, is always a challenge and finding one that is totally welcoming, well, that's a real challenge. However, if you want quality food at a place that also welcomes your dog, Sotto Voce on Park Slope's corner of 7th Avenue and 4th Street is the place to head.

This pet-friendly restaurant welcomes you and your dog. While not allowed inside, your pup should be very be comfortable on their cozy outdoor patio. And their servers are always ready with a pat and a personal water bowl

when your pup settles in.

The real reason to come here is for the humans and the food. Sotto Voce prepares sumptuous rustic Italian dishes that are, as always, best enjoyed in the company of your favorite people. Since your dog is often everyone's most favorite person to hang out with, he makes the food taste even better.

After enjoying their full menu of pasta, fish, and salad entrees, you'll have to head home eventually. However, once you get there, you will have a serious time explaining to your doggie that the sumptuous leftovers in the Doggie Bag are really for you.

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