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By Colin Mixson for Brooklyn Paper

Pool party: Sammi and Smii of Long Island Bulldog Rescue cool down during an adopt-a-thon featuring 150 pets at Bartel Pritchard Square on Aug. 4.

Photo by Jason Speakman

Last weekend went to the dogs!

Animal lovers flocked to Prospect Park and its surrounding neighborhoods on Saturday and Sunday for a pair of events chock full of four-legged fun.

On Saturday, do-gooders with the Mayor’s Alliance of NYC Animals brought dozens of homeless furballs from shelters around the city to Brooklyn’s Backyard for a massive adoption convention where more than 100 beasts — including a few cats — found forever homes with big-hearted humans.

“They did a lot of adoptions that day,” said Mary Fayet, a foster mom to five crippled canines including Little Miss Lexi, a spokes-dog for Posh Pets Rescue, one of several organizations that participated in the event.

More than 200 fuzzy orphans packed West Drive at the park’s entrance near Bartel Pritchard Square for the so-called Adoptapalooza, an action-packed, five-hour affair that featured plenty of fawning over the adorable menagerie, according to a spokesman for the host agency.

“There were no lulls. From beginning to the end, we had consistent traffic of people adopting dogs and cats, and just having a good time,” said Steve Gruber.

A whopping 110 animals left in the arms of new parents that day, according to Gruber, who expects that number to grow as leaders of rescue groups that require references and landlord approvals sign off on more adoptions in the weeks ahead.

“There will be more adoptions over the next two weeks,” he said.

And on Sunday, workers from dog-walking service Brooklyn Bark and Windsor Terrace’s Sean Casey Animal Rescue gathered to bathe dirty mutts for a fund-raiser benefitting the local shelter.

The volunteers gave filthy pooches that came by a good scrub in exchange for a modest donation, netting $1,600 for the no-kill shelter, according to Sean Casey event coordinator Maria Bowen.

And they also dedicated time to cleansing some of the rescue’s pups — whether they wanted a bath or not, she said.

“Some of them liked it, some weren’t too thrilled,” Bowen said. “But they all looked clean, fresh, and ready for adoption.”

Reach reporter Colin Mixson at or by calling (718) 260-4505.

Wheel characters: Candy and Little Miss Lexi, Posh Pets Rescue’s designated mascot, were on hand at the adoption event hosted by the mayor’s office.

Photo by Jason Speakman

Nap attack: Some sleepy pooches take a nap while awaiting adoption.

Photo by Jason Speakman

Popular pooch: Amaryllis, a hound, was enjoying all the attention.

Photo by Jason Speakman

Good dog!: Billie Jean, who was adopted on Saturday, waits to be picked up.

Photo by Jason Speakman

Sudsy Ubbzy: Ubbzy gets a bath during Brooklyn Bark’s seventh annual Dog Wash fund-raiser, held at the Sean Casey Animal Rescue on Sunday.

Photo by Caroline Ourso

Fresh face: Rosco, available for adoption, gets clean.

Photo by Caroline Ourso

All clean: Ubbzy, with his owner, Esther Gray, is looking fresh.

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