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Why You Should Consider Hiring a Dog Walker

Having a companion provides many mental and physical benefits for both humans and pets. We are able to make each other happier, get more exercise, and overall feel a loving partnership. Unfortunately, it is impossible and unreasonable to spend all day with your pet. The modern world is constantly moving and people rarely have free time nowadays. However, the fear of not being able to spend most of your time with a pet should not stop you from finding your perfect companion. Therefore, we recommend hiring a dog walker or sitter.

As you can imagine, it would be very helpful to hire someone to spend time with your pet when you are unable to. A professional dog walker or sitter will be able to exercise, feed, and provide comfort to your pup. It is important to develop a relationship with whoever you hire to make sure that you can trust them with your best friend. Inform them of your dog’s routine, diet, and special needs so that they are perfectly cared for at all times. You will not need to constantly worry about getting home late, stopping for dinner with friends, or getting called in to work.

Here are the top benefits to hiring a dog walker for both you and your dog!

Companionship: Our pets need companionship in order to feel happy and comfortable. Some pups might be more independent than others, but surely they will always be excited to go for a walk or spend some time with a new friend. They will also be able to interact with the senses around them, especially when going out for walks. This stimulus ensures a great day for your pup, even if you are not able to be home with them for most of the day.

Health: Just like sitting at home on the couch is not healthy for humans, it is not healthy for dogs either. Certain pets require more exercise than others, especially more athletic breeds. Remember that your dog needs to be able to take a walk, stretch their legs, and interact with people and other animals. Without movement, dogs will often develop significant health issues in old age. This includes cardiac issues, arthritis, and even separation anxiety.

Reduces Anxiety: Some dogs are able to stay at home most of the day by themselves, if given food, water, and a place to go to the bathroom beforehand. But some are unable, and can have anxiety when they are without their owners for a certain period of time. This will often happen to dogs as they get older, and it can be frightening to see your companion experience anxiety. Consider a dog walker and medication if necessary.

Behavior: As we often say at Brooklyn Bark, a tired dog is a good dog. Exercise and interaction with stimuli ensure that your pup is well behaved and falls asleep easily.

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