Is Pup About to Receive a Human Sib?

We can help!

Dogs and children belong together.  That must be why many of our clients are having babies to grow up with their pup.

It's a great combination but often takes planning and special care for the pieces of "family" to settle in their new arrangement. 

Most dogs are thrilled when a people puppy comes into their world and the only extra thing you will need from usPatrick & Aloha is pup-care while mom and dad are in the hospital.

So put us on notice and we will work with you to customize a plan where either your Care Associate stays in your home with pup or takes pup to his home or a combination, whatever will keep pup out of the equation until mom, dad and baby are oriented.

This can be for one night or a week or more, depending on what you need and what develops.

So, some time in your third trimester (or earlier) contact Bark Master and we will put together a plan.  Then when that second labor contraction hits, right after you call the doctor's office, give us a call and we will swing into action for you.

Straight billing applies.  There are no emergency surcharges, of course.

We look forward to celebrating with you when "baby makes 4" (or more).


And if you have any concerns ahead of time about how pup will react to a new center of attention, we recommend working with a canine behaviorist such as Anthony Newman and bringing us in to continue pup's new training.  And here are some ideas to prepare with pup for the Big Event.

(please note:  this service is exclusive for Barkers of record.)