Pet Sitting - Brooklyn NY


We care for any type of animal in your home - feathered, scaly or furry

Daily visits by trained Pet CPR/First Aid care giver that includes:

 30 minutes – $23.50

  • Email Updates after each visit
    • Online booking/tracking
    • Litter box cleaning
    • Fresh food/water
    • Play time
  • Brushing
  • Medication (if needed), treats & special requests
  • We can also take in mail and water plants!
Medication (including insulin injections & subQ) - $8
We are happy to meet with you and your pet at no cost when you book 5 nights or more.
Otherwise, we provide a Skype meet and greet for you to get acquainted with your Care Associate electronically.


Yes, We Medicate

Rachel Medicating Francis

We have Care Associates are trained to medicate

Discuss your pet's medication needs with us.

      • PO (orally - pills and liquids)
  • IM (intramuscular)
  • SubQ (subcutaneous - insulin, hydration)


We Do EVERYTHING but Give Your Cat a Bath

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At Brooklyn Bark we are happy to do everything for your cat but bathe.  But if you want instructions how to do so yourself - or a good belly laugh - click here.

Cats are Smarter