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BB starts each day with a health check-in. Team members working that day will have their temperature taken and confirm that they have no symptoms. In addition they will confirm that in the last 14 days thy have not:

  • Tested positive for the Coronavirus

  • Been in contact with anyone who has had any symptoms

  • Been in contact with anyone who has tested positive for the virus



We are providing our team with disposable face masks that can be disposed of at the end of the day. Alternately, team members may use a reusable mask that is laundered each day. Masks are warn at all times while with your dog, in your home or anywhere in your building. In addition our team is wearing their face masks while commuting between walks. They may take their mask off if taking a break and they are in a place where they have plenty of distance between them and others. In addition, our team is following the state and local safety guidelines while on their own time. 



Our goal is to have no/very minimal contact with your home environment. To that end we have outlined protocols and procedures for the following situations:

  • Curbside/Doorstep Pickup - If you're working from home, we can.

  • No Shoes entry and minimum contact with your environment if you're not at home

  • Special procedures for cat and pet sitting that will allow for care and still keep everyone safe.



Pack Leaders (aka your walker) and our staff are all washing and/or sanitizing their hands before and after each visit as well as lots of times in-between!

Brooklyn Bark provides all members of our team with Purell hand sanitizer and refills as needed. 



Our team has been advised to  following all social distance guidelines while with your pup as well as in between their visits and on their personal time. This includes maintaining as much distance as possible while out on their walk and in your home. If you live in an elevator building, they may return back from their walk a bit sooner to allow time to wait for the elevator in order to allow for that distance. 



We have purchased new Biothane that our team will be using with your pup. Using our own leashes, of course, more safe for all. In addition, this material allows us to more throughly sanitize our gear at the end of each day.  

You can read more specifics about how to have your pup/ gear ready on our COVID-19 safety plan below.


Our team will be:

  • Taking their temperatures and reporting any symptoms or contact with confirmed cases each morning

  • Wearing masks or face coverings

  • Washing or sanitizing their hands before and after each visit,

  • Sanitizing gear as needed throughout the day,

  • Practice Social Distancing as much as possible. 

In addition, we have purchased our own biothane leashes and will use those, along with our BB Safety Collars, while we walk with your pup. If there are specific gear situations that don’t allow for this we will make concessions on a case by case basis. 

If you will be scheduling walks and will not be at home when we arrive, we will proceed as we normally would with picking up your pup, just adding in our additional safety measures mentioned above. Touching and interacting only with necessary items in your home, leash, crate, water bowl, food, etc. 

We will be utilizing lockboxes for visits when you are not home. This will help social distance the staff. If you need a lockbox, Brooklyn Bark will lend a box, free of charge - just let us know. 


We love it and we get it! It’s so great for your pup’s mental health to be out with his friends and walking consistently each day. Plus, those pesky zoom calls in the middle of the day don’t always work with your peanuts ‘gotta go’ schedule!  We’re here for you! 


When possible, we are asking Clients to do curbside pickup/drop off

  • Your Care Associate will text you ahead of time so you have time to get the pup ready and meet at the designated location. This can be in your lobby or literally at the curb

  • When your Care Associate picks up your pup, we will add put on the BB safety collar and switch the leash to our new biothane leash. This material is easier for us to keep clean and sanitized.

  • You can then take your leash back. Be sure to bring it with you when you pick them up at the end of the walk.


If you are working from home but unable to do a curbside pick up, we will come to your door. 

  • Your Care Associate will text you ahead of time so you have time to get the pup ready in their gear

  • If possible we ask that you leave your dog leashed up with the loop hooked on the doorknob inside your apartment. This will help us maintain distance. Please do this only if it is safe, it won’t stress your pup out , and you are in close proximity.

    • If putting the leash on the door is not a safe option, we can do a handoff or enter your apartment. In this scenario, we ask that you please wear your face covering if possible. 

  • Your Care Associate will put on our BB safety collar and switch the leash to our new biothane leash. This material is easier for us to keep clean and sanitized.

  • When your pup is done with their afternoon walk with their best buddy, your Care Associate will remove their safety collar and the BB leash, open your door and let them safely scurry inside. 


  • When possible, we will be using lockboxes to gain access to your house. This will help us social distance the staff. 

  • Your Care Associate will leave their personal items by the door. In order to minimize outside germs coming into your home.

  • Your Care Associate will wash their hands with soap and water or use hand sanitizer before and after the visits 

  • Care Associates will wear a mask that covers their mouth and nose for the entire time we’re in your home and or building. 

  • We will avoid touching objects as much as possible while still performing necessary services and providing affection and playtime with your cat. 

  • We will avoid sitting on your furniture and contact with your soft surfaces as much as possible. 

  • While we are still in a pandemic, we will limit our time in your home.  Our standard cat care (clean litter, clean & refill food and water bowls, medicate if necessary) will be completed along with a bit of socialization and then we will leave. Visits may be a bit shorter during this time. 

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