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Home Entry

How do we get in?

We have changed our entry access to comply with COVID social distancing measures. We found these options to be the best as it ensures that we can provide safe and prompt service. 

Hotel Check In

If you live in a building that has a front desk that can lend our keys, please make sure that your give "Brooklyn Bark has Permission to Enter" through your building system. 

Please do not provide individual names of the Care Associate. Establishing that the company has permission as a whole will allow us to provide service in these situations.


Failure to notify those managing your key system can result in non-service as we may not be allowed entry.


Lockboxes are attached to a secure fixture such as a railing or window guard. 

The code is only known to you and us. 

This is also a great way to make sure you never lock yourself out. 

Lockboxes are designed with a cover to protect from the weather. Push-button code make getting your box safe and easy.

Brooklyn Bark can have one of our specialists set up a lockbox at your house for $40

Electronic Door Lock
Digital Entry

Digital entry systems can be:

  • Keypads

  • Latch

  • Butterfly

  • Amazon Home

  • Virtual Doorman

Make sure your code is updated in your profile under "Home Entry".

  • Please note these prices are subject to Weekend or Holiday Fees.

  • Depending on availability, our care associates can transport your pet to/from your house. Our Care Associates safely accompany your pet for the entire car ride. More information on Transports.

  • Cancelations may be made 48 hours prior without penalty.

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