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Adoptapalooza: The Furry Festival at Which You Might Find Your Next Best Friend

They’re adorable. They’re adoptable. They’re coming in droves to Manhattan's Union Square Park this Sunday

May 31st.

That’s right! Adoptapalooza is in town! Which means that—between the hours of 12PM and 5PM—you are likely to hear several collective “Aww!”s and “Ooh!”s issuing from the direction of Union Square Park.

Adoptapalooza is the not-to-be-missed, twice-yearly extravaganza—put on by the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC Animals and the Petco Foundation—that is guaranteed to tug at your heart strings. 300 cats, dogs, and rabbits (with some serious roommate potential!) will be on display here in the Big Apple. And—if you haven’t already—you can head on over to the Adoptapalooza website to get a preview of the kitties, pups, and bunnies that are available for adoption. See one you’d like to meet? You can contact the organization via their PetFinder profile and set up a meet-n-greet for this Sunday.

I mean, who would not LOVE to come home to this face everyday?!?

In addition to the adoption-fest, Adoptapalooza will have multiple vets, representatives, and trainers on hand throughout the day; they’ll be offering microchipping ($25), dog licensing, pet ID tags, free photos, free dog training, and SO much more.

For instance, scratching your head over why Kitty keeps scratching your furniture? Fear not, cat behavior specialist, Carole Wilbourn, will be on hand to answer all of Kitty’s conundrums.

Also, if you have any toys, blankets, or bowls that you’d like to donate to other shelter animals, Rock & Rawhidewill be there collecting your gently used woof wares.

…Oh, and did we mention FREE SAMPLES! Vendors like Blue Buffalo, Purina, Hill’s Science Diet, and Solid Gold --to name a few -- will have tons o’ swag on hand at their booths. So swing by, stock up, and spice up Fluffy’s treat cabinet a little bit!

So again, that’s Sunday, 12PM-5PM: Adoptapalooza. Hearts will melt, homes will be filled, and lives will forever be changed!

And if you live in Brooklyn and will need walks or kitty care for your new best friend, we'd be happy to help. Click on the button, fill out the short form and we'll be happy to take it from there.

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