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Top Animal Shelters in Brooklyn

One of the most important decisions to consider when getting a new pet is whether to buy from a shelter or breeder. Rescue groups are incredible because you are saving a life and gaining a companion for life. There is an unspeakable bond when rescuing a dog, and you will receive such beautiful gratitude. Plus you will have less genetic problems with a mixed breed, leading to less veterinarian visits in the future. Remember to ask about the personality of the dog and try to spend time with the pup before bringing them home from a shelter, as to avoid any surprises. Plus, ask the shelter if they are trained and to what extent. You want to know how to train and what to train for.

If you do want a purebred dog and would like to purchase from a breeder, just educate yourself and be aware of the company. Puppy mills are especially becoming a problem in corporate pet stores. Other businesses terribly mistreat their animals, which you may not be able to see from a simple visit. Choose an ethical breeder, get to know the breeders and owner, and research your options beforehand.

To help you make this important choice, here are the top shelters and Brooklyn to research and visit when deciding to get a pet. We hope that you consider these options, and feel free to research more!

BARC Shelter: There are adoption choices for dogs, cats, and even feature courtesy listings for owners currently trying to give their pet to a great owner.

Sean Casey Animal Shelter: This shelter comes top rated by several sources, and it definitely an amazing shelter to adopt from. They truly help you through the adoption process and ensure that you are ready for this next step.

Animal Care Centers of NYC in Brooklyn: This is a larger company, and offers an array of services for struggling animals. They allow you to surrender a pet, lost and found services, information for stray assistance, end of life services, adoption, ect.

AMA Animal Rescue: This rescue company has abundant success stories and an easy adoption process. Check out their events page for fun pet bonding events!

Badass Animal Rescue: They are a casual, hip, company that is passionate about helping dogs find their badass owners (and vice versa). Their focus is saving anr rehabilitating pets from high-kill shelters in the rural south .

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Michael Hood
Michael Hood
10 дек. 2023 г.

I love animals very much and often visit the shelters where they live. And I often take pictures of them for my collection. It is my pleasure to share with you animal shelter images that take your breath away. Which can be a good illustration for the post.

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